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Förekomsten av våld mot barn i Sverige ska kartläggas

→ Regeringen har idag beviljat Stiftelsen Allmänna Barnhusets ansökan om stöd för att planera en undersökning av förekomsten av våld mot barn i Sverige. Stiftelsen beviljas 761 300 kronor...Läs mer → Mänskliga rättigheter / 2021-04-22 12:30


Ukraine says Russia still has 100,000 troops near its borders

→ Al Jazeera 18:33
Russian troops remain positioned near eastern Ukraine and in Crimea despite pullback order, says state security chief...


Johan Esk: Det finns likheter mellan hur Brynäs och ”Paradise Hotel” hanterat sina skandaler

→ Dagens Nyheter 18:31
Johan Esk: Det finns likheter mellan hur Brynäs och ”Paradise Hotel” hanterat sina skandaler..


Candidate registration opens for Iran’s presidential election

→ Al Jazeera 18:21
Potential candidates have until Saturday to formally enter the race to replace outgoing President Hassan Rouhani...

US labels seven Lebanese nationals as specially designated global terrorists over alleged links to H

→ RT 18:15
The US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions against seven people it claims are linked to Hezbollah and its financial wing, Al-Qard al-Hassan, labelling all of the individuals as “specially desi..

Paying Libya to stop migrant flow is not on the cards, Italian PM’s office says, denying media repor

→ RT 18:13
Italy did not ask the EU to pay Libyan authorities to prevent migrants from heading to Europe from its shores, the office of Prime Minister Mario Draghi has said, denying earlier reports in local m..

Netanyahu vows to step up ‘might and frequency’ of Israel’s attacks on Gaza

→ RT 17:58
Tel Aviv will ramp up its airstrikes on the Palestinian enclave of Gaza, PM Benjamin Netanyahu has warned, as Israel and Hamas exchanged fire in the aftermath of violent clashes at the Al-Aqsa Mosque ..

2 Brazilian states suspend giving Covid-19 vaccines to expectant mothers after death of pregnant Ast

→ RT 17:52
The Brazilian states of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo have excluded pregnant women from their Covid-19 vaccine rollouts after the medicines regulator published new advice following the death of an expe..

Amid protests, Colombian cities brace for more COVID infections

→ Al Jazeera 17:47
Capital Bogota is confronting a 'hospital collapse' and infections will not drop until end of May, the mayor said...


Bentleys knep – som gör Flying Spur ännu tystare

→ Vi bilägare 17:17
Sänker ljudnivån lite till i uppdaterade Flying Spur...


Some RECOVERED Covid-19 patients dying from ‘black fungus’ infection in India in new deadly twist in

→ RT 17:16
The authorities in India are raising the alarm over a rise in a rare and potentially fatal fungal infection called mucormycosis among recovered but still vulnerable Covid-19 patients. Read Full Articl..

Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier suggests FIVE-YEAR HALT to immigration into Europe… but not for ref

→ RT 17:09
The EU’s former chief Brexit negotiator and potential French presidential candidate Michel Barnier has suggested a “halt” on immigration into the bloc for up to five years, to reassess the Schen..


Hotet: “Kanske sista chansen” för Ericsson i Kina

→ NyTeknik 17:07
En artikel i kinesiska partitrogna Global Times varnar för att det svenska 5g-förbudet mot Huawei äventyrar Ericssons möjligheter att få 5g-kontrakt i Kina. Svenska Kina-experten: "Medvetet provo..


Migrant children in US living in mass shelters, little oversight

→ Al Jazeera 17:05
Tens of thousands of children are living in some 200 facilities, including five sites holding over 1,000 migrant youth...


”Jägareförbundet arbetar för jakt på morkulla”

→ Svensk Jakt 17:01
Jägareförbundet har arbetat och kommer att fortsätta att arbeta för att sommarjakten på morkulla återinförs.Inlägget ”Jägareförbundet arbetar för jakt på morkulla” dök först upp på ..


‘Significant disagreements remain’ on Iran nuclear deal, says French foreign ministry as Vienna stal

→ RT 17:00
The French foreign ministry has said that a great deal of effort is still required to bring Iran and the US back to the 2015 nuclear agreement, as time runs low and “significant disagreements remain..


Clandestino fokuserar på krisens marginaler

→ Dagens Nyheter 16:51
Den 19:e upplagan av Clandestino festival hålls – men senareläggs. Festivalen uppmärksammar röster från krisens marginal...


Kenya suspends Somalia flights for three months

→ Al Jazeera 16:49
No reason given behind move that comes just days after the neighbours normalised their diplomatic ties...

Desperate tourist-reliant EU nations reopen their ‘Covid-free’ zones. But can enough holidaymakers a

→ RT 16:46
EU members are yet to make a joint decision on when to reopen for non-essential travel, but several tourist-dependent countries have already chosen to walk alone, having lost part of the warm-season p..

Minnesota’s racial divide:Will land bridge right Rondo’s wrongs?

→ Al Jazeera 16:37
ReConnect Rondo is pushing for a $460m land bridge to support Black-owned enterprises and right historical wrongs...

Turkish firm tells Lebanon to fix debts or face power cuts

→ Al Jazeera 16:33
Karadeniz says it will cut supplies unless Beirut halts legal action to seize its power barges and sorts out arrears...